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Harmonica ToyHarmonica Toy

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Beginner's Musical Harmonica ToyBeginner's Musical Harmonica Toy

Instructions for Use:

When holding the harmonica, do not exert too much force on your fingers. Move the harmonica with a relaxed elbow and play naturally and comfortably, which is the best way to perform. Use abdominal breathing and adjust the strength of the abdomen to play. When playing the harmonica, the posture of the body should be natural.

Maintenance Instructions:

Wash hands and rinse your mouth before playing, and keep your mouth clean. Do not use violent blowing when playing, as the reed is prone to damage after being excited. After playing, gently flick out the accumulated saliva, let the piano stand facing down, and then gently wipe the mouthpiece and body with a tissue.

Specification: Color: Blue Material: ABS Product Size: 17 x 5.5 x 2.5 cm Package Size: 21.3 x 7.7 x 3.7cm Package Included: 1 x Harmonica, 10 x Song books Age Recommendation: Suitable for 4-6 Years

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【Exquisite Design】The 16 hole polyphonic harmonica features an embedded double row hole design, with rounded and smooth edges and corners, providing a comfortable and smooth playing experience that is not easy to scratch the corners of children’s mouths. The design of the pickup light adopts a gradient soft light that does not irritate toddler’s eyes. When playing, the light will change with the rhythm, stimulating the kid’s interest in music and making them fall in love with playing.
【Safety Material】The safety of the toddler is our top priority. Our children’s harmonica is made of high-quality ABS plastic material, non-toxic and odorless. It can come into close contact with the lips without worrying about harmful substances, giving kids a full sense of security. The harmonica toy also has good luster, wear resistance, and is more durable.
【Musical Enlightenment】Multiple notations are configured so that the kid can get started without worrying. The attached notations card contains 10 pieces of notations from easy to difficult. According to the children’s proficiency, you can select the corresponding card stars to try to play and help the them grow.
【Convenient to Carry】Equipped with a hanging rope hole position, it can be directly hung around the neck during travel, making it convenient to carry and can also be played at any time. Unlike traditional overweight weights, this harmonica weighs 108 grams and is designed specifically for boys and girls. It is lightweight and convenient, with a stunning texture, making it easy for to play and play.
【Nice Gift Choice】This harmonica as a musical toy for early music enlightenment, it is very suitable as a gift on birthday, Christmas or graduation gift for children. It will lay a solid foundation for children’s music journey, harmonica toy is very easy to learn and fully enjoy the beauty of music.