Airport Transfers

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Frequently asked questions

How far in advance should I book an airport transfer?

When booking an airport transfer, you may need to consider regional time differences as well as the level of demand for cars and drivers across different seasons and regions. We generally recommend booking your transfer 48 hours in advance to account for these factors, but keep an eye on airline and airport announcements too. Please note: All airport transport times are in local time, so please take this into account when booking.

How many items of baggage will fit in the car?

For detailed information about a car’s passenger and baggage capacity, please refer to the car information page. Generally, when calculating baggage capacity, 1 item of baggage is taken to be a single 24-inch suitcase, and baggage that exceeds this should be treated as 2 items.

Can I specify the car brand I want?

You can select a car type when you book your airport transfer (such as a compact 5 seater or standard 7 seater). Unfortunately, it currently isn’t possible to select a specific brand.

Can I bring baggage with me during my airport transfer?

It is generally possible to bring baggage with you when you travel, but to ensure a safe trip, please do not place baggage upright, and select a car which is suited to your passenger and baggage requirements.